Things to consider

Things to consider

What should you pay attention to when selling or letting a property?

Dear Future Client,

 Please allow us help you sell or let your property more successfully with the advice below. We are happy to advise you on the market conditions and the marketing price of the property, because this is our job, but in order to really be able to work together successfully, it does not hurt if you are also aware of the following information.

If you have a property for sale or let, the following points should be kept in mind:

Presentation of the property to potential tenants and buyers:

- don't forget to bring the keys to the property with you, including those for garage, store rooms etc. which viewers would like to see,

- the property should always be presented cleaned, tidied, and ventilated, preferably in the best lighting conditions (lights on, curtains and shutters open), bathrooms should be free of any drain smell, particularly if the property is vacant.

- if we haven't arrived yet, feel free to go up to the apartment, open all the locks, pull up the blinds, open the windows, open the garage door or gate. It is preferable if the viewer can park in the garage or at least next to the property.

- please, when entering the apartment, do not start the viewing by showing the WC or coat cupaboard opening from the hall,

- the living room, the terrace, the connection to the garden, the panorama or the most beautiful part of the apartment should be the first to be shown to the interested party.

- Remove personal clothing (shoes, jackets, drying clothes, etc.) out of sight.

- the more order and cleanliness the visitor receives, the better the sense of space, the more he will want to live there.

- Keep any pets away from the property during the presentation, or at least closed away and under control. It is worth taking your dog for a walk during the presentation, so that those who are more fearful or who may be sensitive to animals will be happy to come back again. And needless to say, please ensure that your pets’ litter trays and anywhere that they use for thsi purpose is clean.

- the unmade bed, unwashed dishes, loo seat left up all show that people already live here, even though the goal is to make the viewer imagine themself living there

- laptop, TV and radio should be switched off, only soft background music should be played.

- if necessary, according to season, mow the grass, clear away fallen leaves or shovel away the snow in front of the entrance, as the interested party will encounter these first.

We know and respect that you may have emotional ties to your property, but we also know that the interested party will not have developed this yet. The best way to resolve this small gap is to entrust the presentation to a professional, our real estate agent colleague. We may have information about the potential buyer or tenant which we will use to optimise the appeal of the property to their needs. Please do not engage the viewer in conversation about personal topics.

A possible, on the spot negotiation may well result in a worse position for you than a well-thought-out decision made in the knowledge of all the details. In this case, we recommend that the interested party put their offer in writing via Start Ingatlan with the help of our expert colleague, which you can then consider. According to our experience, 99% of the written, accepted purchase offers end with a successful deal, while most of the verbal promises and negotiations only reach a tentative level and often fall apart because of unresolved basic differences like financing, related sale etc.

During the direct contact with the interested party, questions to be resolved, potential problems and conflicts of interest often arise that you may not have encountered yet, but our real estate broker colleague already knows how to solve them. We recommend that you contact us and let us represent you in the negotiation. Thus you and your prospective customer can leave the negotiation and the drafting and finalisation of the contract for us to coordinate and the end result should be a mutually satisfactory sale or let.