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Things to consider...

 ...Would you think… that how much things should be taken care of  in case of selling/renting a property?

Dear Client/Visitor!

Let’s help you to sell/rent your property more succesfully by our advices. We can give you advice related to the selling price of the property and the market circumstances, because this is our job, but in order to work together succesfully, it’s good to know the followings from your side:

If you have a property for SALE/RENT, you must keep a close eye at the next things:

Showing the property for clients:

  • don’t forget to bring along all the keys to the property,
  • show the property when it’s clean and orderly, with fresh air in the rooms, and the lights on (lamps turned on, curtains open, toilets deodorized),
  • if we haven’t arrived yet, go up/in to the property, unlock all doors, pull up the shutters, open the windows and the garage door,
  • make sure visitors won’t see an open toilet when they enter your home,
  • the living room, the terrace, the garden access, the panoramic view or the finest part of the property are what we show the client first.

It’s worth for knowing the freshest

  • tax rules in case of property for sale
  • tax rules in case of property for rent
  • the contain of the Rental Contract
  • what does mean the Rental contract included in notarial deed, whom and how does it protect?